Job Scams ¦ Work from Home Scenario

The prowlers are on the go. One-click and you are doomed. Innocents are being targeted by the masterminds hidden behind the current ‘work from home’ scenario.

Not many days back (while I was actively looking for a job), I received a call from a recruiter claiming that she was impressed by my resume and that she’ll help me bag a job within a week’s time in a reputed school; somewhere in North India.

It will be a work from home opportunity with perks like an official laptop and the texts prescribed in the syllabus for the respective classes; all delivered to me at home.

All I had to do was to upload my Aadhar Card details, certificates, a photograph along with a sum of two thousand and five hundred rupees. She further added that an interview (finally!) shall be held telephonically later on for the selection process and if I didn’t clear it somehow; the whole amount shall be refunded.

When I asked for the exact job description and probed more into the kind of work I was getting into; naturally, she got irked. So, without much to ponder over; I asked her to send me the details; to which she replied saying that she isn’t just some random consultant but somebody who can guarantee me a confirmed job. She even sent me a mail with a link description; which I purposely ignored.

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As far as my knowledge about jobs is concerned, I am aware of the fact that no institution demands your documents before confirmation or an interview, to say the least. Also, if the recruitment process is genuine then the recruiter should be able to solve all your queries without any hint of irritation in their voice.

Technology has indeed made the world a smaller place but nonetheless a more dangerous one; especially during the present difficult times where the whole world is trying its best to fight over a pandemic. Loss of jobs has paved a way for the fraudsters to their advantage. Every nook and corner of the so called ‘need of the hour’ – Internet; is filled with wicked minds ready to feed on stolen identity and hard earned money.

Remember a few simple rules while finding a job:

  • If anybody asks you to pay upfront for placement then probably it is a scam.
  • Do not reveal your personal details/identity.
  • Never transfer money or give away your debit/credit card details.
  • Know the difference between a job consultant/counselor and a hiring manager/recruiter. The former advise you on your choices and potential whereas the latter shortlists you for a job interview.
  • Always check for spam call notification via the True-caller app.
  • Never accept job offers that don’t clearly mention the exact requirements for a respective post.
  • Try to communicate via emails/texts; anything in writing for future reference.
  • Double-check on the internet about the job that is being specified by the recruiter. Go through the review section if possible.
  • Pay close attention to links when searching for job vacancies; never fail to check the security of the sites while browsing.
  • Last but not the least; be alert – keep your five senses working and please don’t hesitate to question if you are ever in doubt.

And yeah, Happy Job Searching! Oh, Sorry! I meant ‘SAFE’. 😉

11 thoughts on “Job Scams ¦ Work from Home Scenario”

  1. I am shocked to know about such a scam. I was completely unaware. Thanks for the important write up on this issue.
    You have elucidated extremely well on the topic.
    Looking forward to your next blog at the earliest.

  2. Informative and timely…will save lot of jobseekers from agony….Would like to share it so that maximum benefit from this knowledge.

  3. Never pay for securing a job is the primary thing to be secure. Employers do no ask or seek any money from a job seeker at any stage of hiring process. It is also important to stay away from providing sensitive information related to banks etc.
    Good post and covered wide range of information.

  4. Excellent, All the points touched by you while working from home. It’s really a very nice written blog specially at this time. Thanks keep posting and best wishes to you

  5. Excellent write up.👏👏 Helpful and extremely informative. Everyone needs to be aware about it and you are doing a great job at that! Keep up the good work. Best wishes 👍👍


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