Best Price for Dynamic Website in 2020

Best Price for Dynamic Website in 2020

We have set the best price for a dynamic website for your business in 2020. During the Corona pandemic, various sectors want to shift their business to an online platform. But with a shortage of funds, small-scale merchants unable to afford a website. Go through our offer of the Best Price of a Dynamic Website in 2020.

Useful techniques for a low-cost website

Some techniques can be used for the dynamic website used by the small entrepreneur, thus you need not bear the cost of a WooCommerce website.

  1. Build up a simple blog website and showcase your products/services
  2. Let the people become familiar with your versatile services/products,
  3. The consumer can easily contact you by WhatsApp chat directly from the website
  4. Share your bank information with the customers and ask them to transfer payment directly to your bank account
  5. Deliver the product/service directly to the customer
  6. Request your customer to provide feedback and share the link among their acquaintance.

Example of low-cost website

Visit these websites to visualize the idea of low-cost websites and please let us know your criteria.

Non-Profit Organization Website

Author/ Blog Website

Online tutorial Website

Domain & Hosting Plan

  • Domain + 500MB Hosting Space – 2500/-
  • Domain + 1 GB Hosting Space – 3000/-
  • CPanel Handling charges – 2000/-
  • Free SSL Certificate

Total – 4,500-5,000/-

Basic Dynamic Website Package: 

  • Mobile Tablet Friendly Design
  • Basic WordPress Theme
  • Customizable Header(Single slide), Footer
  • Navigation system
  • Pages (Home, About, Services, Blog)
  • Contact Page with an inquiry form
  • Zoom gallery
  • Secure admin panel
  • Editable Content
  • One month of free support with basic training

Total – 10,000/-

Costs for Extra features 

  • Paid Plug-in (Actual price) + Setup charge (1000/-)
  • Paid Theme (Actual price) + Setup charge (2000/-)
  • Extra Page (1000/-)
  • Header with multiple sliders (2000/-)
  • Data Table (1000/-)
  • WhatsApp chat integration (1000/-)
  • Social media link integration (1000/-)
  • Instagram/Facebook feed integration (1000/-)
  • Google Map integration (1000/-)
  • Mailchimp Integration (1000/-)
  • Creating Extra Page (Without form) (500/-)
  • Ongoing maintenance charge (500/- per updation)

Different Products:


*Terms & Conditions

  • Website completion will take a minimum of 10 working days to complete.
  • 50% Advance payment is required & 50% before hosting for the Basic Dynamic website package.
  • Please mention your requirements properly while contacting us.
  • Content should be provided from the client-side.
  • The client should provide the logo. If you want to get your logo to be designed by us then please visit our Graphic Design Package.
  • All the websites will be SEO optimized. If you want result oriented and ranking based optimized designs, then take our SEO Plan as an addon with the website.
  • Website charges will be for 1 time, there will be only Domain and Hosting renew charges, which will be Rs.3000/- per year.
  • A signature line will be embedded at the bottom of your website. If you wish to remove it, it will cost you Rs.1500 extra.

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